Life Wisdoms

Some sayings from various sources which can lead us on our search for wisdom and well being. If you have any kind gentle thoughts to share please email them to me. Wishing you love and blessings.

The Snow Goose need not bathe to make itself white  Neither need you do anything but be yourself  – Lao Tse

Trained anger, like a trained lion, is a faithful protector and a powerful weapon. With controlled anger a man can smite a wrong-doer as though he had lashed him with a flail and the fear of such anger is a protection for the weak against those who might hurt them if they did nor fear it, just as no one dare attack a month old child if it were under Shamba’s protection. But he whose temper is unmastered is like a child that is chained to a maddened he-goat. He must follow wherever it leads, through village middens and through swamps, and even into a cage of wild leopards that would tear them both to pieces. And so Sekeeta, remember: anger beneath your will is a flail in your hand, but uncontrolled anger is a on your shoulders. – Joan Grant. Winged Pharaoh

No man has the right to criticise or condemn another Only to love him Or serve him Or be free of him– Satya Sai Baba

 Oh hard, hard karmic lesson… trust in love the kind that “casts out all fear” by far the most difficult and soul searching one all lovers must eventually master. The gift of trust may be given without pain only when the recipient of such tryst makes love and loyalty plain.. to be seen and heard through loving glance and tender word For constant reassurances of affection and devotion is the necessary foundation of trust… and it a must? Yes it must be given freely before the need to ask arises Could Romeo or Juliet ever have been mistrustful? Which of them would dream to doubt the other with both lovers offering such constant declaration of devotion? But lacking this, then trust must tarnish with the rust of jealousy and suspicion which are only lonely synonyms for fear Yet rust so easily removed by love in word and deed and glance made clear Neither time nor tide nor sea can keep my own away from me…as the poet wrote Nor take my own away from me, he might have added “my own” declares repeatedly that he is, indeed “my own” of if she declares as the case may be, the same …to him. – Linda GOODMAN from GOOBERS