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Introduction to Sewing 

Part 1 

This course can be completed in four weekly sessions of four hours OR eight weekly sessions of two hours. It will take you through the basics of learning how a machine works, its maintenance and how to use it and make samples or  garments with various types of seams, darts, facings and opening finishes including zip insertion and buttonholes.

Part 2

Introduces tissue patterns, cutting, garment assembly and finishing. This course is essential if you have not sewn at all before or know nothing about using a sewing machine.

Date and fees: See Timetable

**Non Refundable deposit  $50.00 will be charged for all classes.



needleThese lessons continue from the Introduction Course.

 It is based on the You Can Make It  program licensed by Pam Tripaldi, So you want to Learn How To Sew.


needle If you have NO sewing experience or need a refresher, then this is the one for you! We’ll start you off right and show you almost everything you want to know about Patterns:- choosing, sizes and understanding Guide sheets, Tissue markings, Cutting, Marking and assembling.


needle If you have SOME sewing experience. This is the one for you! With your basic knowledge We will show you everything about: Print Fabrics, Altering Skirt Patterns, Darts, Pleats, Zippers, Waistbands, Velcro, Buttons, Straps, Hooks.    


needle Do you want to take your sewing to the experienced Level? With your Level 1 & 2 knowledge you are ready. We will show you how to do: Facings, Collars, Sleeves, Front Closures, Ruffles, Pockets, Sheer Fabrics.  


needle Ready for some fun? See how easy advanced techniques can be. We will show you everything about: Stripes & Plaids; Easy Layouts & Matching, Altering Jumper Patterns, Bias Tape, Piping, Stitched Elastic.  


needleIf you want to see how really easy sewing can be. Learn ALL there is to know about PANTS. We will show you how to make them and how to fit them. Learn all about working with Napped Fabrics, Lapped & Invisible Zippers, Pockets, Belt Carriers, Eyelets.

 Date and fees: See Timetable 

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 Overlocker Basics

This short course will produce a cover for your overlocker and will teach the basic rules for threading your machine; changing tensions and needles for Flatlocking and rolled hems. All of these can be used for other applications.

Week 1.    Introduction to Terminology

THREADING – Learn the descriptive names of machine parts and lose any fears you may have of not understanding what they do or where they are.

NEEDLES – When to change them and which to use.

MAINTENANCE – How to carry out basic maintenance and save on repair bills.

Weeks 2 & 3.   

Proceedure  for making up of an Overlocker / machine cover using Rolled Hem, Faggoting, Flatlocking, Flatlocking over ribbon, Lace Insertion and Assembling the cover.

Date and fees: See Timetable

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 Soft Furnishings

Everything is Descriptive of your Environment


Your surroundings are a expression of your inner self




Let your home be an art work reflecting your own and your family’s creative expressions of themeselves. This ongoing class requires basic sewing skills.It will introduce you to the methods of designing, measuring and calculating for the construction of your cushions, covers, curtains, pelmet, swags and tails: table and bed linen; headboards and many more accessories limited only by your own inspiration. At the introduction session you will decided and discuss the project you wish to start on and the materials you will need. A pen and notebook will be required for this session. 

Date and fees: See Timetable 

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Other Classes Available as weekend Workshops or one day sessions.

Pattern Making and or Adaptation

An introduction  to pattern making beginning with the application of Standard or personal  measurements to produce a foundation pattern block which can be the basis for a personal design block.

Date and fees: See Timetable 

Candlewick Embroidery.

Beading Basics.

Tassels and Trimmings.

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