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More and more we a limited to being clothed by fashion governed by greed. No longer can we enjoy a quality of fabric, fit or style without paying extortionate prices to some “label name” pricing policy depletes our pockets for often inferior products of design and fabric. We have our homes decorated by the same expensive  ideas of another person, rather than develop our own style of clothing and make our homes places of peace, joy, serenity, safety, freedom or fun.

I have a passion for creating beautiful clothes and surroundings. In the materialistic world surrounding us we have lost a lot of the simple pleasures and easy expression of our own individuality.
Since the age of eight my mother gave me the go ahead to” have a try” on her industrial sewing machine, patiently showing me by her ability and encouragement to occupy my hands and curiosity in a useful pastime.
I have that same sense of wanting to encourage adults and children to be the best they can and live up to the fullest expression of the person they are. Sewing encompasses many skills which over the past 30 years has sustained me through some difficult times. Its sense of achievement, practicality, adornment and decoration serve to enhance our ability to reflect on our personal opinions of self as different from how others perceive us.

Apart from this early introduction to sewing, I qualified with my City and Guilds Diploma in Dress Manufacture Art and Design during the reign of The Beatles, Carnabie Street, Mary Quant, Laura Ashley, and some of the first of the supermodels, Penelope Tree, Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton.  

During the  Swinging Sixties my home town of Manchester, England, was still considered the centre of the “cotton industry” where the cotton mills had been  the source of the city’s wealth for more than 500 years.  This is where the origin of the word “Manchester” comes from in the Australian word referring to towels  and general household linen. For a short time when she was only 14, my grandmother worked in such a Mill in Middleton which was then a small town north of Manchester but is now part of the greater metropolis of this wonderful city, which will always feel like home to me except for it’s dreary climate, which sent me to the sunny shores of Australia in 1970, to make my fortune before returning home, yet 44 years later and wiser I’m still here and in a town with four beautiful seasons – Armidale.

You may like to take a look at some of my favourite lines of  wisdoms handed down or collected during my search for my meaning on this Earth.